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A non-binary person wearing a black, grey, and white checked shirt is smiling. He has glasses and shoulder length curly hair


I'm Kip, a UX Researcher & Designer based in Washington, DC

"The synthesis of multiple perspectives is always greater than their sum." 
-Forrest Landry



Mobile App Prototype

Transparent Data Privacy

A cutting edge data privacy product aims to increase trust with their customers through offering control over personal data and rewarding them in exchange for sharing data on the premise that as data sharing increases, trust increases, but is that really true?

Mobile App Redesign

Scheduled With Care

How does a national pet retailer maintain its commit-ment to improving the lives of pets and pet parents while also following guidelines for social distancing? Not with telehealth, but with scheduling made simpler!

E-Commerce Website Redesign

Bittersweet Treats

One of Washington, DC’s best choco-late shops has been featured in many publications over the years, but their online shopping experience left users hungry and unsatisfied. 


Got a conundrum?
Keeping It Positive Design has a can-do attitude to match. Reach out for a fresh perspective today!

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"Today is a good day to be a good day."

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