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About Kip

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
-Winston Churchill

Finding opportunities within difficulties is at the core of UX design and the way I do my work. Whether that's streamlining a workflow, making a concept easier to understand, or speaking with users to uncover the nuances of a usability issue, I believe that things can be better and I know that I have the skills to make it happen!

Pursuing a passion for people and an intense fascination with bones, I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at the University of Tennessee where I enjoyed volunteering at the world-famous "body farm" AKA the Forensic Anthropology Center. I moved to the Washington, DC area after graduation and continued working with people as a recruiter for a small educational startup. Recruiting was difficult, but within that difficulty was the opportunity to work with developers in the creation of the company's first desktop web portal for contractors. It was here that I learned an important lesson that I still use today, "Context and details are everything!"

Without context and details, assumptions and confusion run rampant. Asking for clarification is important, but it has to be done correctly. Following that first recruiting job, I continued to learn how to work with developers, users, engineers, product managers, and stakeholders from company to company - how to frame questions to collect targeted information, how to present and visualize data, how to prioritize and make decisions, how to plan and coordinate research studies.

After working within user research for a few years, I powered-up my passion for problem solving by completing an immersive UX Design program at General Assembly. Because if there's one thing I love more than people, it's solving their problems and turning those frowns upside down. 


Kip Haines

Pronouns: He/Him
UX Researcher & Designer

Available for Work!


Washington, DC or Remote

Professional Experience

March 2022 - April  2022

UX Researcher - One Creation

Conducted generative research to identify 2 primary user personas and test assumptions in first customer-facing mobile app for one of Asia’s largest banks.

  • Lead design workshop with product owner and UX designers to facilitate decision-making using research insights collected from user interviews, usability testing, and user journey map.

  •  Implemented changes to the onboarding process, content writing, and UI in final Figma prototype delivery that increased trust among users through a simplified, intuitive mobile app interface.

March 2015 - November 2021

UX Researcher - CoStar Group

(Internal Title: Technical Customer Service Representative III)

Advocate for user needs and pain points in an Agile development environment for B2B SaaS web and mobile analytics platform. De-veloped and administered usability testing and user interviews.

  • Advised stakeholders in weekly, cross-functional meetings to strategize product roadmap.

  • Introduced opportunity for the addition of a KPI success metric to improve customer experience across all communication channels.

  • Selected for the Q1 2021 cohort of the Emerging Leaders Program for taking initiative to achieve personal growth through mentorship with senior quality assurance engineer.

  • Reduced major bug log to less than 10 through improved prioritization and communication.

  • Won “Call of the Month” 3 times in 2019 for exemplary product knowledge, delighting customers, and thinking creatively to ideate user centric solutions.

August 2012 - March 2015

UX Researcher - Remember Me

(Internal Title: Technical CSR)

Performed contextual inquiries to research customer pain points, behaviors, wants, and goals for web platform redesign. Uncover-ed discrepancies in business requirements and summarized find-ings for engineers, product managers, and senior management.

  • Designed content for instructional product videos and written how-to guides for users.

  • Collaborated between product manager and external developers for test planning and communicating product release information to cross-functional teams.

  • Analyzed user feedback to identify usability issues, needs for support content, and requests for features.

April 2022 - July 2022

UX Researcher - Ossom Jobs

Planned, structured, and executed end-to-end evaluative rese-arch on website for usability improvement and branding moder-nization recommendations. Research activities: user interviews, heuristic analysis, usability testing, competitive analysis.

  • Improved system usability scale score by 36 points from original website to hi-fidelity prototype.

  • Recommended color changes to meet accessibility standards and created style guide for new branding upgrade. 

July 2022 - Present

UX Research & Content Design Consultant - Amass

Conceptualized brand voice and tone. Created product copy, educational content, and branding materials. Spearheaded research planning to deepen understanding of target user personas.

  • Organized competitive and comparative analysis to evaluate opportunities to elevate and highlight the company brand.

  • Planned and conducted generative research to identify use cases for message template feature.

March 2022 - April  2022

User Experience Design Immersive Fellow - General Assembly

12-week, 500+ hour User Experience Design program focused on user-centered design methods, design thinking skills, team collaboration, and client relations. Developed a portfolio of ind-ividually and collaboratively focused in-class projects, including:

  • Petco: Improved task efficiency by 60% through streamlined appointment booking user flow. Performed qualitative and quantitative research including user interviews, usability testing, service blueprinting, and survey design.

  • Chocolate Chocolate DC: Evaluated and redesigned small business e-commerce website based on analysis of usability study. Utilized competitive and comparative analysis, persona development, task analysis, and card sorting activities to inform design decisions.

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